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Pearl: ‘Senator Tuberville said he’s got Israel and the Second Amendment covered’ (VIDEO)

Active head coaches of major sports at Auburn University and the University of Alabama, whether it be football or basketball, rarely ever enter the political fray, although Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl appears to have provided an exception.

At an event preluding the “Bruce, Barkley and Basketball” golf tournament in Lee County over the weekend, Pearl expressed his strong support for the Second Amendment and Israel.

Pearl, in a video obtained by Yellowhammer News on Monday, can be heard telling the crowd, “Buy yourself a gun while you still can. You feel me?”

He then pointed to and addressed former Auburn head football coach and 2020 Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville, who was in the crowd with the likes of Auburn and NBA basketball legend Charles Barkley.

“Hey, Senator Tuberville — can you take care of that for us please, Tubs?” Pearl asked. “Can you please take care of that Second Amendment, please?”

Nodding and giving a thumbs-up seemingly to an affirmatively responsive Tuberville, Pearl added, “OK. Senator Tuberville said he’s got Israel and the Second Amendment covered. I appreciate you, brother. Thank you.”


Pearl this spring became the fourth Jewish head coach in NCAA history to take a team to the Final Four. He was the first president of the Jewish Coaches Association.

The Auburn coach has been vocal in his support of Israel and on other matters affecting people of the Jewish faith. This included Pearl recently taking to task Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for her “attempt to rewrite the holocaust” after she compared current immigration facilities in the U.S. to “concentration camps.”

Sean Ross is the editor of Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn