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Palmer questions cost of ‘Build Back Better’ legislation, says spending would take nation to ‘brink of bankruptcy’

As congressional Democrats attempt to pass their so-called “Build Back Better” legislation, U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) is sounding the alarm over the potential fiscal threat the costly spending measure would pose to the nation.

The congressman, along with fellow members of the House GOP Caucus, on Wednesday sent a letter to Congressional Budget Office (CBO) director Phillip Swagel requesting a cost analysis of the Democrat-sponsored legislation.

As a non-partisan agency of the federal government, the CBO conducts budgetary and economic analysis for the purposes of providing information to the legislative branch.

Palmer suggested that, if enacted, the level of spending the “Build Back Better” legislation proposed would take the nation to “the brink of bankruptcy.”

“The nation will have to build back from the brink of bankruptcy, should this legislation ever become law,” Palmer asserted. “Although the Democrats are pretending to scale back on a number of the unwarranted programs in it, we have no idea what the true price tag is for these policies that would fundamentally undermine our Republic and move us one step closer to socialism.”

He continued, “I have seen more than one or two budget gimmicks during my time in Congress, and this package is full of them. For instance, the legislation partially funds programs and pretends they will come to an end, even though the clear intention is to make them permanent.”

Palmer indicated that after a CBO analysis was conducted, the results would prove that Democrats’ legislation would further exacerbate the nation’s debt crisis.

“This is why we have requested that the CBO Director conduct a true analysis, so that Congress and the American people have a real understanding of just how much this monstrosity will cost. Independent groups have consistently said this bill is not paid for and will increase the deficit. This analysis will expose all of the bill’s budget gimmicks and hopefully end this misleading effort to run our country over the fiscal cliff,” Palmer concluded.

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL

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