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Nick Saban reveals why he doesn’t drink – ‘never have a hangover, never feel bad’

During this college football season, Nick Saban has been appearing weekly on the Pat McAfee show to talk Tide, college football as a whole, his life and career, and whatever else comes up.

Of course, this week, the topic of Nick Saban’s lack of cigar smoking came up, which prompted McAfee to ask Saban if he drinks at all.

And the answer Saban gave was, as per usual, well thought out and a lesson can be taken from it.

“Nope. No drinking. I used to drink, but when we had kids and my kids were growing up I decided I didn’t want to set that kind of example for them so I quit drinking and it was the best thing I ever did. Never have a hangover, never feel bad, I just don’t do it,” Saban said.

You can see the full clip here:

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