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Watch Nick Saban get trucked playing special teams in high school

Football is a dangerous game, and Alabama coach Nick Saban knows that from first-hand experience.

Before he became the perfectly quaffed coach, he played high school football in West Virginia. He played quarterback and safety, but apparently also dabbled in special teams, with some plays going better than others.

D.C. Reeves of TideSports.com posted two masterful GIFs of Saban getting crunched by the opposing special teams from game film taken 46 years ago.

The first is the Crimson Tide coach running downfield until he is abruptly no longer running anywhere. Saban, the one that the arrow points toward, is leveled by an opposing player, and sent flying through the air.

GIF via @_DCReeves
GIF via @_DCReeves

And one more, for good measure. Reeves also tweeted a GIF of Saban, now the field goal holder, being speared far after the kick had been taken.

GIF via @_DCReeves

Did this team have some vendetta against little Nick Saban? Was it something he said?

All I know is that the Alabama coach Saban would be furious if something like this happened to one of his players, if he remembers this game happening at all.

[Tide Sports]

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