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New partnership will transform stored ash into ‘Made in America’ construction materials

Eco Material Technologies, a leading producer of sustainable cementitious materials and near-zero carbon cement replacement products in North America, announced a new partnership with Alabama Power to remove and sustainably repurpose over 700,000 tons of stored ash every year.

The ash gathered at the coal and natural gas-fired facility located in Bucks, Alabama will be used in concrete blends capable of repairing and constructing bridges, roads, and buildings across Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana.

The practice ultimately reduces dependence on imported materials — leaving a “Made in America” recycled product in its place. 

“Southern Company and its subsidiaries are critical in Eco Material’s long-term strategy to invest in and upgrade sustainable sources of cementitious input materials to offset the high-intensive carbon emissions of the North American cement industry,” said Grant Quasha, CEO of Eco Material Technologies.

“This collaboration with Alabama Power is a paragon for both the environment and concrete builders, and we should expect more companies across the country to follow Southern Company’s lead in the beneficial reuse of their fly ash for products like Green Cement.”

Brandon Dillard, Alabama Power Senior Vice President and Senior Production Officer, West Production Group, said that Alabama Power recycling coal ash is nothing new.

“Alabama Power has a long history of recycling coal ash from its plants for beneficial use in products like concrete and other construction materials,” said Dillard. “We’re very pleased that this collaboration with Eco Material will expand our ability to harvest coal ash at the plant and contribute to development of materials that impact the growth of our state.”

According to Eco Material Technologies, the ash harvested from Plant Barry enhances the strength, impermeability, and durability of concrete. In common practice, the material will replace 20-25% percent of carbon-intensive portland cement in concrete mixes with Eco Material’s proprietary technologies allowing up to 100% replacement.

Portland cement, and the concrete industry as a whole, currently account for around eight percent of global carbon emissions.

The processing plant will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will require a team of approximately 25 employees at full capacity in addition to construction and other temporary jobs.

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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