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Nationwide survey reveals Crimson Tide has country’s most Republican-leaning fanbase

Bama most Republican fans

When Bama fans all over the country go to the polls to vote this year, the overwhelming majority of them will be pulling the lever for a Republican.

The chart below, which was created by National Journal after an analysis of over 200,000 interview by Scarborough Research, shows the Alabama Crimson Tide with the most Republican-leaning fanbase of any major sports brand in the country.

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Team Political Ideology

Unsurprisingly, other southern teams like the Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Braves, Texas Rangers and Texas Longhorns joined Alabama on the right end of the political spectrum.

Meanwhile, teams based in traditionally liberal areas of the country, like the west coast and northeast, had some of the most Democratic-leaning fanbases.

Fans of the New York Knicks are the most likely to be Democrats, according to the data, followed by the Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants and Oakland Raiders.

The research also showed that sports fans are much more likely to vote than average Americans. Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans are the most reliable voters, but fans of the Miami Heat, Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys actually go to the polls far less than average.

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