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Montgomery plumbing company feeds healthcare workers, honors founder — ‘We feel it is our duty’

A Montgomery plumbing company is providing lunches to area healthcare workers as a way show its gratitude to them and to honor the legacy of its founder.

“What the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers have done the past 2 months is nothing shy of extraordinary,” explained Will Imbusch of Bill Bradley Services in a recent statement. “The countless hours, sleepless nights, sacrificed family time – putting their health on the line, these were true acts of bravery and service exemplified for us, and we cannot thank them enough. The absolute least we, as a community, can do is recognize what they’ve done and show our gratitude.”

Employees from Bill Bradley Services have already delivered lunches to Baptist Health-Prattville and Baptist Health-East. The next two Fridays they will do the same for workers at Baptist Health-South and Jackson Hospital in Montgomery.

Imbusch, grandson of company founder Bill Bradley, called his grandfather a man of faith, family and integrity, and he believes this is exactly what he would have done in this situation.

“My grandfather believed in generosity and acted upon it daily,” he continued, “We feel the best way to honor him and his legacy is to continue giving back, and to uphold the values that he held dear.”

Bradley founded the company more than 50 years ago with a single truck and the help of his wife, Brenda. And, according to Imbusch, it continues to look for ways to give back to honor his grandfather’s legacy.

“Community is a huge part of our lives,” said Imbusch. “A positive community is built on acts of love, service, generosity, progression, and hope for tomorrow. As a member of the community, giving back and saying thank you was not viewed as a choice. We feel it is our duty. It is what Bill Bradley would have done.”

Tim Howe is an owner of Yellowhammer Multimedia

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