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Mind your manners: Alabama second-most polite state in the U.S.



That stereotype about the American South being more polite than other parts of the country is true.

Or, at least, it’s true for Alabama. According to a recent study by FreshBooks, a Toronto-based accounting software company, Alabama is the second-politest state in the Union.

You may be wondering, what’s the angle? How is an accounting firm equipped to measure politeness?

The answer:

— The survey’s authors examined a large group of FreshBooks clients, looking at how many businesses begin and end their invoices with “please” and “thank you.”

— 27 percent of business owners in Alabama meet that criterion of politeness, according to the study.

— Oklahoma leads the states, with a 49 percent politeness rating.

— The study is problematic for our stereotypes overall, however, because Tennessee – certainly part of the South – is tied with Utah at the bottom of the list with a 6 percent politeness rating.

— Mississippi is also quite low, with a 7 percent politeness rating.