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Mike Rogers’ report from Washington: The Russian collusion delusion

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As most of you across East Alabama saw in the news recently, special counsel Robert Mueller ended his investigation.

The Mueller report was finally given to the Attorney General and its findings came as no surprise at all.

As I believed all along, the investigation found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and no obstruction of justice. It did prove to be a complete waste of time and taxpayer money.

Over the past two years, the mainstream media has been relentlessly beating the drum that there was Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Democrats and their friends in the mainstream media continued to push a false narrative that turned out to be just another political hoax.

Even now, the Democrats in the House of Representatives are preparing to subpoena the full Mueller report even though Attorney General William Barr is preparing its public release.

Ironically the debunking of the Russian collusion hoax has pulled the curtain back on the deep state and the two-tier justice system run by a handful of corrupt FBI and intelligence community officials. They must be fully exposed and held accountable. What this group of government employees attempted to do was tantamount to a coup against the duly elected president.

It is truly amazing what President Trump has accomplished in little over two years, while the only thing Congressional Democrats have done is push fake stories and lies. Our economy is booming, the tax cuts are working, the Border Wall is under construction, the military is being rebuilt, ISIS is defeated and unfair trade deals are being rewritten.

Compare that to the Democrat platform of Socialist health care, the Green New Deal and infanticide.
It is not difficult to figure out who is winning.

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U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers is a Republican from Saks. 

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