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Lynn Troy is a 2021 Woman of Impact

As a 2021 Woman of Impact honoree, Lynn Troy’s career journey from 18-year-old entry-level employee to co-founder & CEO of her very own aerospace engineering corporation exemplifies what it means to be fearless. Just like the Troy 7, Inc. website describes the corporation as “a small company making a large impact,” Lynn Troy is one woman making an international difference.

Troy didn’t always aspire to start her own corporation, describing herself as an “unlikely entrepreneur.” She was given an opportunity at 18 through a co-op program at her alma mater, UAH, with Teledyne Brown/Teledyne Solutions. After getting married on 7/7/07, Troy and her husband launched Troy7, Inc. just four months later. The leap away from their 20-plus-year careers with Teledyne and into the unknown of business ownership has proven to be immensely fruitful. As CEO, Troy continues to successfully fulfill the company’s mission to “effectively develop and deliver innovative, best value engineering and analytical services to customers around the world.” Those customers include but are not limited to the MDA, the U.S. Army and Nasa.

In 2008, Troy and her husband took another leap into the unknown hiring their first employees. She says that “the scariest part of it all has been hiring other people.” Her commitment to invest in her employees then, paved a way for the loyalty of her staff now. The Troy7, Inc. culture is one of constant growth. While employees are focused on offering the best of missile defense and flight-testing, Troy is focused on making sure each member of the team is also able to become their personal best. After having the opportunity at Teledayne to be a part of starting a female minority leadership training program, she’s paying it forward by offering her employees continuing education assistance.

While it may have been the scariest step to take hiring employees, Troy dove fearlessly head first, and it’s paid off. “I have a tremendous team at Troy7 that gives me the ability to be a part of the things I care about. They are an incredible support system and take so much off my plate,” says Troy.

Making time for things she cares about keeps Troy motivated and fulfilled as a leader. A few lanes of her extra-curricular involvement include, of course, her family and grandchildren, but also work with non-profits. Troy is a compassionate leader, drawn to helping those unable to help themselves. Her compassion has driven her to chair the American Heart Association’s Heart Ball, partner with 3058th Street to serve disabled adults who don’t qualify for disability, and even work with the chamber to be a part of the strategic vision for where Huntsville is going. Her passion for the community has kept her rooted in Huntsville even though Troy7 Inc has a presence all over the world.

When asked what kind of advice she would leave aspiring leaders with, she fittingly replied, “I would tell anyone, male or female, don’t be afraid.”

Though every new business venture comes with its trials, Troy has experienced many triumphs, and she’s not stopping any time soon. Entering the next phase of Troy7, Inc. just as boldly as the first, Troy is leading her team with vision to pivot from sub-contractor to prime, ready to pay it forward to all the companies who have been so good to them over the years. With deep roots of bravery, Lynn Troy looks hopefully to the future, confidently stating, “I’m so glad I didn’t let fear hold me back.”

Yellowhammer News is proud to name Lynn Troy a 2021 Woman of Impact.

Courtney Hancock is creative director for Yellowhammer News and Soul-Grown.com.  She can be reached at [email protected].

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