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Lynda Blanchard: Democrats singing that same old debt-limit song

When Johnny and I first married, times were tough. He was in school, and I was working a minimum-wage job. We had to watch every penny. We did without, and we made do, and we lived on what money we had at the time. Why can’t the federal government do the same?

Now, we’re seeing yet another verse of the same old debt-limit song from Washington. The Democrats are pushing Bernie Sanders’ $3.5 trillion dollar budget while Treasury Secretary Yellen is saying that unless the debt ceiling is raised, the United States will default on our debt payments for the first time in history.

On Monday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Schumer announced that they would combine bills to suspend the debt limit once again with an emergency spending bill to avoid a government shutdown and default.

Thankfully, congressional Republicans are going to make the Democrats do this all on their own, so there will be no question about who owns it. Republicans know that the Democrats will use suspending the debt limit to fuel their wasteful spending on their progressive wish list.

We’re lucky that on Monday the Senate parliamentarian blocked an attempt by the Democrats to put amnesty for millions of illegals in the budget. This would have basically created a new immigration policy without any input from Republicans and would have cost us an estimated $109 billion dollars, and included green cards, education, and other benefits for roughly 10 million illegals. Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders and company want to keep turning illegals into Democrat voters, and they want you to pay for it on the nation’s credit card.

The Democrats want to import voters so they can stay in power forever, and they expect us to foot the bill. They want to ram through a $3.5 trillion budget using the reconciliation process without Republicans having any say in the process, never mind that it would cause trillion-dollar deficits for the next 10 years.

They want to borrow and spend on every kind of perk for themselves, like a $200 million park near Pelosi’s home, when the country isn’t able to pay its credit card bill now.

This nonsense has to stop. I support our congressional Republicans in blocking the Democrats’ out-of-control spending. We also have to stop allowing immigrants to pour across our southern border, spreading themselves and the COVID they carry across the country and draining federal, state and local resources where they settle. Until we get a handle on the Biden border crisis, we’ll continue to run up bills paying for it. We can’t fix one without fixing the other, as the Democrats’ amnesty end-run in the budget just proved.

It’s time that Congress started living within the country’s means. We need to kill this budget bill, then focus on fixing our hard infrastructure that’s been ignored for decades, meeting our country’s real needs, and cutting the waste so we only spend what we take in. Ordinary families and most states do this all the time. What will it take for the federal government to start doing this?

I strongly urge the Republicans in Congress to save this bill, because it’s a necessary first step toward saving America.

Lynda Blanchard served as President Trump’s United States Ambassador to Slovenia, the First Lady’s birth country. Ambassador Blanchard is also a successful business woman from Montgomery, where she is involved in many philanthropic activities. She is a mom to 8 wonderful kids. Ambassador Blanchard is one of only 3 Presidential appointed Ambassadors in history, from the state of Alabama. She is currently running for U.S. Senate.

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