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Lynda Blanchard: A man in a skirt is not a woman – It is an abomination (GUEST OPINION)

Since taking the reins of power in the D.C. swamp earlier this year, socialist Democrats have eagerly taken to the tasks of destroying our economy, erasing our borders and wielding the threat of cancel culture correctness like a blunt force bludgeon.

But perhaps the policy initiative that carries the most potential for lasting and long-term damage to our nation is the radical “transgender” agenda.

Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders and other far-left extremists, including members of the complicit fake-news media, are seeking to mainstream the notion that a man can suddenly become a woman, and vice versa, by simply clicking their heels together and wishing it so, much like Dorothy Gale returning home from the Land of Oz.

When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, Democrats chant “trust the science” like it is a hypnotic mantra, but their position on so-called “transgender” issues indicates they do not even trust basic biology.

Nobody gets to choose whether we are men or women because God already made that choice for us long before birth.

And it has been often noted that dressing like an astronaut does not make you an astronaut, dressing like a pirate does not make you a pirate, and dressing like the opposite sex does not magically transform you into the opposite sex.

It was bad enough when companies like Target famously announced that men could enter the women’s restroom as long as they dressed like a woman and sashayed inside, but now the extremists are seeking to extend those same insane intrusions to public school locker rooms and facilities across the country.

Likewise, skirt-wearing young men are filing lawsuits, and in many cases across the country simply being allowed, to compete against girls in high school athletics. Young women who practiced, sacrificed and played sports for years in hopes of winning a college scholarship are suddenly losing them to much stronger boys who falsely claim the female gender.

As the parent of three young girls who attend public school in Alabama, these dangerous trends cause me great concern, but, luckily, conservatives like us are embracing our state motto of “We Dare Defend Our Rights” and are leading the fight to restore more than a measure of decency.

The Alabama Legislature is currently considering, and will likely pass, two important and much-needed pieces of legislation – one that would prohibit physicians and other medical professionals from administering hormones and puberty blockers or performing sex-change procedures on “transgender” minors under the age of 19 and another that requires students to compete in athletic events based upon the sex listed on their original birth certificate.

But while Alabama may be a lonely oasis of common sense in the transgender desert, the Biden administration is pushing the nation farther and farther in the opposite direction.

Among the liberal president’s first acts in office was signing an executive order, which, luckily, has the same legal authority as throwing a coin in a wishing well, that provides those claiming the opposite gender with full access to “the restroom, the locker room, or school sports” and states that a business owner cannot fire or demote, for example, a male employee who suddenly decides to show up for work bedecked and bedazzled in an evening gown.

In addition, Biden repealed President Trump’s order that banned “transgenders” from military service, which will soon transform our armed forces into a leftist social experiment that more closely resembles an episode of MTV’s “The Real World” rather than the most powerful fighting force the world has ever known.

He also appointed Dr. Richard Levine, a pediatrician who now goes by Rachel and claims to live as a woman, as an Assistant Secretary for Health, a post which required Senate confirmation. Only a liberal would allow the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to be led by someone who does not understand the simple difference between a man and a woman.

Make no mistake that our nation is currently engaged in a massive culture war that will determine the direction of our society for generations to come. While the culture war is being fought on multiple fronts – which includes issues like immigration, multiculturalism, religious freedoms, and gun rights – I believe that the transgender agenda is the battlefield upon which it will ultimately be won or lost.

We must not leave the fighting to what Thomas Paine termed as the “summer soldier and sunshine patriot,” and, instead, allow only determined conservative warriors to lead the charge.

As a Christian, conservative, Trump Republican who is one hundred percent committed to the MAGA agenda and America First initiative, I will fight hard in the U.S. Senate to give Washington a strong dose of our commonsense Alabama values.

Lynda Blanchard is a Republican candidate for Alabama’s U.S. Senate and was selected by President Donald Trump to serve as ambassador to Slovenia, the home country of First Lady Melania Trump.

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