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Kristi Malzahn and Terry Saban star in ESPN’s ‘SEC Wives’ (Video)

Auburn’s homecoming game against Louisiana Tech on Saturday saw the Tigers secure their 300th win at Jordan-Hare Stadium and their 24th consecutive non-conference home game win.

That’s great and all, but what may have been even more interesting was the premiere of “The Better Half: SEC Wives,” during ESPN’s College GameDay broadcast.

The 6-minute video gave us all a behind-the-scenes look into the challenges that SEC coach’s better halves endure as their families and teams navigate the toughest conference in college football.

“Thank goodness I was 19 when we got married and I didn’t know better,” Terry Saban said with a laugh. “I feel like it’s my role to help him see the lighter side of things, relax a little and remember that there’s a real world out there.”

Coach Saban also made a brief appearance in the segment and proved that there are actually moments when he enjoys and reminisces about the success his teams have had.

“I looked at Terry and said, ‘In your wildest dreams did you ever think that we’d be a part of 3 national championships?'” Saban recalled. “And she said, ‘Honey, you’re not in my wildest dreams.'”

The world also got to meet Kristi Malzahn, the firecracker of a woman who keeps pace with the breakneck speed of the Gus Bus.

“Your husband is not there for you on a lot of things to just really do life with you,” she said of the unbelievable time commitment SEC coaches have to make to their jobs. “It’s a lot of fun, but it’s a very lonely life.”

But the Malzahns still make time for their Saturday date night at Waffle House.

“We go to Waffle House as our after-a-win tradition,” she explained.

During the segment, coach ordered a steak omelette and she ordered a two-egg breakfast with bacon — extra crispy.

“He just has to win to do it,” said Kristi. “Because if he doesn’t win we have to go home and eat a sandwich.”

In the end, Terry Saban concluded that, for coaches’ wives, there’s no better conference than the SEC.

“There’s just nothing like the SEC,” she said. “So if you’re going to be a coach’s wife, why not be one in the SEC?”

The full segment can be viewed below.

(If you’re on a mobile device, click here to view)

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