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Kendall Jenner visits Tuscaloosa to promote her tequila brand

Tuscaloosa had a very special visitor this week, with supermodel Kendall Jenner visiting the town as a part of a promotion of her 818 tequila brand.

Five days ago, the popular Tuscaloosa bar Innisfree teased a “huge secret” on its social media page with today’s date, then yesterday announced an “818 takeover” to its page, which some speculated could mean Jenner’s arrival.


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Jenner, who is undoubtedly one of the most famous people on the planet, made stops at Innisfree at 2 p.m. and The Houndstooth at 3 p.m.

She was mobbed by fans looking to snap a picture as she poured $2 shots of 818’s Blanco Tequila as well as $4 margaritas with the beverage.

The “818” brand is a nod to an area code in the Los Angeles area where Jenner is from. According to it’s website, the beverage is “Hand-picked by jimadores; cooked in traditional brick ovens; aged in oak barrels; and brought to you and your family straight from ours,” 818 says.

In October, the brand teased Jenner’s visit to campuses with a post its Instagram page which boasts over a million followers:

Jenner, who is a Kardashian, is one of the top ten most followed people on Instagram with a staggering 294 million followers. Though it may seem unbelievable, she is likely the most famous person to ever step foot in Tuscaloosa, and that includes Nick Saban himself.

Michael Brauner is a Senior Sports Analyst and Contributing Writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @MBraunerWNSP

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