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Katie Britt: ‘We need a forensic audit’ of 2020 election

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Katie Britt called for greater scrutiny of the 2020 election during an appearance Tuesday on Talk 93.1’s “News and Views“ with host Joey Clark.

She also questioned the motives of many involved in the previous two presidential elections.

Democrats and some media outlets only care about election integrity when it is convenient for them, according to Britt.

“[I]f you remember back in 2016, all of the Democrats said that there had been an interference in the election and but for that interference, we would have had a President Hillary Clinton,” Britt said. “If you look back over that, you see over those four years, in particular the first two, ‘we’ve got to be paying attention to our elections.’ You see it in The New York Times. You see it in The Washington Post. ‘Why aren’t we doing more to secure our elections? This is the foundation of our democracy.’ So, it’s interesting how that shifted once President Trump started sounding the alarms — and he did.”

“He started sounding them in the summer of 2020 saying they are changing election protocol,” she continued. “They are doing things that are going to undermine this election. So, if I had been in Congress, I would have joined [President Trump] at that point in time, because it’s easy to be a day late and a dollar short and to get on a bandwagon after you know the direction it’s going. It’s challenging to be up front and to be a real leader and to say, let’s make sure that this doesn’t happen. And so I think that’s kind of where people missed the mark, is he (Trump) was sounding the bells and nobody did a thing.”

Britt added that “it’s interesting, too, because the very people, the very people who said in The New York Times, ‘we have to secure our election and if we don’t, it’s going to undermine our democracy,’ then those exact people are on the other side of this.”

The Enterprise native went on to tell Clark that, without a closer examination of the recent election, distrust among the nation’s voters could have a lasting impact.

“So what I want to remind all of the people on the left is they had this very same thing to say after 2016,” Britt stated. “And so what does that show? It shows a pattern of lack of trust. And if all of the American citizens don’t trust the process and don’t believe it’s fair, then our nation will crumble. And, so, I believe we need a forensic audit. … And that way, people have confidence and they know that their vote counts and that they know that our that our democracy is strong. And so those are the things I would fight for.”

She concluded, “[W]hen I am in the Senate, I’m going to make election security and integrity a priority. And you better believe that I’m not just going to be on this show. I’m going to be anywhere in the country that they need me to say this has to be done right. I’m going to be for the Republican cause, I’m going to be for democracy, and I’m going to be for free and fair elections. And I’m not going to apologize.”

Tim Howe is an owner of Yellowhammer Multimedia

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