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Katie Britt hammers Biden on multiple fronts, says commander-in-chief is ‘weakest president we have ever had’

During a weekend interview with Montgomery’s News Talk 93.1FM WACV, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Katie Britt took aim at President Joe Biden over his administration’s handling of numerous issues.

Britt suggested to host Joey Clark that the “liberal media,” which she referred to as the “third arm of the Democratic Party,” was actively seeking to undermine those who do not align with progressive orthodoxy and individuals who hold “Christian conservative” beliefs.

“We see it, Joey, at every single turn — in the way that they are working to cancel us, in the way they are working to frame up people who want to speak out,” said Britt. “You see it in the Biden Administration, you see it with him weaponizing the FBI, allowing the attorney general to go after parents who do not want Critical Race Theory in classrooms. They don’t want their children to be indoctrinated. They want their child to be taught history, but they don’t want their child to be taught they’re good or bad based on the color of their skin.”

She continued, “That’s actually exactly opposite of what Dr. Martin Luther King wanted, which he wanted us to have the freedom and the equality of opportunity, not demanding equality of outcome or putting people in boxes based on their skin tone.”

Britt made mention of the parents across the nation who are airing their grievances at local school board meetings.

“[Y]ou have an awakening of the American people where they see their freedoms, the freedoms this country was founded on, slipping away, and they’re standing up,” she advised.

Britt went on to label the president as “a failure” for demonstrating what she called “total weakness” regarding his handling of foreign policy, illegal immigration and policing. She asserted that Biden was “the weakest president we have ever had.”

“[A]nd I believe it will go down in history as [some of] the darkest years with the way that he is governing and the way he has handled his governing through fear and control,” added Britt. “We need somebody that will stand up for all of the things that are moving in the wrong direction. I believe we need fresh blood. We need new blood. We need somebody with high energy who can take them to task. And I am fully committed and believe that I have what it takes to fight for our values and fight for hardworking Alabamians.”

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL

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