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Katie Britt criticizes Biden’s vaccine mandate, calls president’s executive action ‘anti-free market overreach’

U.S. Senate candidate Katie Britt has been a consistent opponent of pandemic-related government mandates for private employers. The first-time candidate on Thursday slammed President Joe Biden’s recently-announced workplace vaccine mandate.

Biden’s so-called “action plan” could affect up to 100 million Americans as the order forces businesses that employ over 100 workers to have their employees become inoculated or be subjected to weekly virus testing.

Britt says the president’s edict is antithetical to the nation’s longstanding free market-based approach to economic affairs.

“Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate is yet another anti-free market overreach,” said Britt. “This administration, going around Congress once again, is trying to change the fabric of our nation from being built on individual responsibility to being marred by dependency on big government. Forcing businesses to do something against their will tramples the free market principles that have made America great.”

Britt maintains the belief that vaccination should remain a personal choice rather than an order issued by the federal government.

“The decision to get vaccinated should be freely made by individuals in consultation with their doctor, not at the unilateral decree of Biden and his bureaucrats,” she advised. “As I’ve said before, I chose to get the vaccine after consulting my family’s doctor. But the federal government has no business forcing employers or individuals to do this. It’s that simple.”

As the former head of the Business Council of Alabama (BCA), Britt last year took a leading role in ensuring the state’s economy remained unencumbered from government-mandated restrictions on the operations of Alabama employers. She remains fiercely opposed to lockdowns “of any form or fashion.”

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL