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Just for kicks: Bama, Texas kickers help SBA score in NIL ad

A pair of college football best kickers have signed on to give a boost to small businesses.

Alabama’s Will Reichard and Texas’ Bert Auburn have partnered with Goldman Sachs for an ad for the Small Business Administration, the financial giant announced.

The NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) ad is set to broadcast Saturday on Connected TV the Alabama-Texas football game.

The ad shows Reichard and Auburn calling on Congress to reauthorize the Small Business Administration (SBA). It also draws comparisons between the two kickers and small businesses alluding to the idea that both are underappreciated but very important for overall success.

“We’re pleased with the current progress in the Senate, but it’s time to finish the job and reauthorize the SBA,” said Wall. “Reauthorizing the SBA would have a huge impact on the small business community.

“We thank Will Reichard and Bert Auburn, two of the best kickers in the country, for helping us to push SBA reauthorization over the goal line.”

Founder of Yard Bar in Austin and a member of Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses Voices, Kristen Heaney Clark said everyone regardless of team or party can agree on the need for the Small Business Administration.

“Supporting small business is something we should be able to agree on, Republicans and Democrats, Longhorns and Crimson Tide fans,” she said. “Reauthorizing the SBA should be an easy extra point for Congress to score.”

Small businesses also think that the SBA would be beneficial.

“In Alabama, we know a thing or two about winning football games,” said Zebbie Carney, founder of Eugene’s Hot Chicken in Birmingham and Hoover and also a member of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Voices. “Congress should reauthorize the SBA so that small businesses can win, too.”

Goldman Sachs said 10,000 Small Businesses is an investment to help entrepreneurs create jobs and economic opportunity by providing a comprehensive business education program and access to capital and business support services

The SBA has not been reauthorized since December 2000.

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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