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Jell-O and classic cars? Alabama ranked third most ‘nostalgic’ state

Anyone from the state knows that Alabamians have an undeniable appreciation for the past. Now, a survey has identified the Yellowhammer State as having the third most nostalgic residents in the country.

The report comes from real estate blog Estately, which measured each state’s nolstalgia based on five interests: classic cars, antiques, vintage clothing, vinyl records, and (yes) Jell-O. The analysis scored enthusiasm surrounding each item based on Facebook likes correlating to each topic.

When compared to others, the Yellowhammer State ranked 38th for interest in classic cars, 10th for interest in vintage clothing, and 9th for interest in Jell-O. What caused the state to soar to the top of the survey was interest in antiques and vinyl records, where Alabamians came in 2nd in both categories.

While California took the number one spot overall, the South dominated the top of the list. Louisiana (4), Tennessee (5), Oklahoma (7), Kentucky (9), and Georgia (10) all made the top ten.

For those interested in learning more about their antiques or other blast-from-the-past interests, Samford University even has an acclaimed antiques course. The Birmingham-based university has hosted a six-week antiques class since 1972. Aimed at helping students understand their heirlooms, Professor Dan Brooks, who has taught the class for over 30 years, says the course is all about appreciating history.

“I’m not interested in how much something is worth,” Brooks told Southern Living. “If it teaches you something, it’s of great value.”

You can check out the full list here.