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Ivey comments on ‘heartbreaking’ murder of Birmingham police officer, Sgt. Wytasha Carter

Governor Kay Ivey released a statement after one Birmingham Police Department officer died and another was critically wounded  in the line of duty early Sunday morning.

“We began today with the heartbreaking news that Birmingham Police Sergeant Wytasha Carter was killed in the line of duty and a second officer still remains in critical condition,” Ivey said.

“On behalf of the entire state of Alabama, I offer my deepest sympathies and prayers as we all mourn the death of Sergeant Carter, which came far too soon. This is a terrible loss for Sergeant Carter’s loved ones, his fellow law enforcement officers and our entire state. Let us keep Sergeant Carter, his wife and children close to our hearts during this difficult time,” the governor continued.

Ivey added, “I offer my fervent prayers to the second officer still fighting to stay alive. I also pray for the doctors, nurses and staff working to help this officer survive the tragedy. To this officer, know that the people of Alabama stand behind you.”

“We must never forget the tremendous sacrifice that our law enforcement make each and every day. We certainly will always remember Birmingham Police Sergeant Wytasha Carter and his ultimate sacrifice for the people of Birmingham who he served so well,” Ivey concluded.

Sean Ross is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn