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Ivey announces over $40 million in funding for road, bridge projects

More than $40 million in state transportation funding has been set aside for 26 projects focused on improving Alabama’s roads and bridges, Governor Kay Ivey announced Tuesday.

The projects are all slated begin in 2024.

“Through the continued, steadfast implementation of the Rebuild Alabama Act, I’m proud to announce the allocation of over $40 million in state transportation funding. This is a substantial investment that underscores our dedication to enhancing roads and bridges statewide,” said Ivey.

“Alabamians deserve nothing short of excellence in their infrastructure, and Rebuild Alabama is continuing to deliver long-term results that are felt across every stretch of our state.”

The funding was made possible through the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program-II (ATRIP-II), a program which was created by the Rebuild Alabama Act.

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The Rebuild Alabama Act requires ATRIP-II to be an annual program setting aside a minimum of $30 million off the top of ALDOT’s share of new gas tax revenue for projects of local interest on the state highway system.

Of the awarded 26 projects, 18 were from cities and counties putting forward more than $18 million in local funds. Under the ATRIP-II program, there is no requirement that local governments put up matching funds to be eligible.

All projects are required to move forward within two years of the awarding of funds.

Since ATRP-II was created in 2019, the state has awarded more than $180 million in state transportation funds under ATRIP-II.

The Rebuild Alabama Act infamously raised the state’s gas and diesel tax by 10 cents a gallon. It was the first tax hike of its kind since 1992.

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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