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Ivey announces latest round of local projects — ‘When we invest in our roads and bridges, we are investing in our people and our future’

Gov. Kay Ivey announced on Monday a new round of local road improvement projects which will receive state funding. A total of 13 projects will receive funding through the Annual Grant Program, an initiative created under the Rebuild Alabama Act of 2019.

“Improving Alabama’s infrastructure remains a top priority of the Ivey Administration, and thanks to Rebuild Alabama, we are continually able to put these funds to good use. More and more communities and cities across our state are seeing new road and bridge projects in their areas, and I look forward to that continuing,” Ivey said in a release from her office. “When we invest in our roads and bridges, we are investing in our people and our future.”

The Rebuild Alabama Act requires ALDOT to establish an annual program setting aside $10 million off the top of the state’s share of new gas tax revenue for local projects.

Funding allocated to this round of projects totals $3.11 million, with 12 cities and counties contributing a total of $2 million in local matching funds. Any city or county government in Alabama may apply for funding from the program.

Included among the list of projects receiving funding are the widening and resurfacing of Edwards Lake Road in Trussville, resurfacing of a portion of Joe Mallisham Parkway in Tuscaloosa and the resurfacing of Powell Road in Autauga County. Jefferson and Etowah Counties each received funding for two separate projects from this set of awards.

Construction is required to begin within one year of receiving the money from the state.

Earlier this year, the state approved $4.39 million for 21 local projects under the program after awarding a total of $10.2 million for local projects in 2020.

Another round of local projects is expected later this year, according to the governor’s office.

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Tim Howe is an owner of Yellowhammer Multimedia