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Is UA Golf building a giant frat house for their players?

The University of Alabama is making progress on its latest phase of the ‘Crimson Standard’, a series of construction projects designed to improve athletic facilities across multiple sports teams within the University.

The latest project is the construction of a massive player facility for the golf team that resembles a massive fraternity house:

The project, which includes a full course on site with the facility, is expected to be completed by the Fall of 2024.

Facilities have been a hot topic among Alabama fanbases for a number of years now with plans for a new basketball arena to replace Coleman Coliseum being repeatedly delayed due to inflation and the economy.

Athletics Director Greg Byrne reflected optimism for the basketball project last month, saying that the University has had a successful fundraising period and the plans for the arena have not been scrapped.

“We’ve actually had a pretty good last few months from a fundraising standpoint. We’ve been continuing to ask, our development team that’s been out there, we’ve had some very generous contributions from our supporters,” Byrne told Ryan Fowler in March.

“And obviously we need to make sure it works financially and it doesn’t put our entire department in a very challenging financial position,” he added. “But know it’s still a priority for us, still something we’re raising money for and so I can honestly say we’ve had some very positive conversations from a financial and fundraising standpoint.”

The Crimson Standard is still supposedly in Phase 2 of a 10-year, $600 million plan which includes both the golf and basketball facilities.

Despite challenges however, it appears the golf facility is nearing completion, and Tide fans will be hopeful that attention can now turn to basketball.

Michael Brauner is a Senior Sports Analyst and Contributing Writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @MBraunerWNSP

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