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Iowa Community College Football Player Gets Unlikely SEC Offer

Photo courtesy of Daviyon Nixon’s Facebook page

As reported by SEC Country, Daviyon “Big Truck” Nixon is a 3-star defensive tackle from Iowa Western Community College. Measuring in at 6-foot-5 and 300 pounds, Nixon is anything but small, and he’s very athletic. Still, even for a man his size and ability, a recent call from the University of Alabama left him “shocked.”

Nixon says the whole thing got started when he noticed that Alabama defensive line coach, Karl Dunbar, began following him on Twitter. Understandably curious why an Alabama coach would suddenly start following a 3-star recruit from Iowa, Nixon followed him back. And what happened next is the stuff dreams are made of.

After following the Crimson Tide coach on Twitter, Nixon received a message asking Nixon to call Dunbar. At the time, Nixon didn’t know what the call was about. However, he had to postpone the conversation due to football practice and meetings. Once he had time, he made the call.

It was at that point that he found out what the coach wanted. Dunbar asked Nixon for his current size and weight. He went on to tell the recruit that he had watched several films of him playing high school basketball and football. “He asked me if I could still run down the court and dunk a basketball. I told him that I could. He then said why not show him that at Alabama.” said Nixon. “I was shocked. I had to ask the coach if he was serious. I didn’t think I’d have this opportunity to get an offer from Alabama. It was just a big surprise. It never dawned on me that Alabama would ever be interested.”

Before the Tide came calling, the Iowa Hawkeyes were the only school Nixon was considering. They had provided extensive help navigating the academic qualifications of the NCAA.

Now, Nixon has a tough decision to make. Does he stick with the only FBS team that believed in him early and provided so much help in meet NCAA eligibility requirements, or does he come to the most dominant and storied program in college football, the University of Alabama?  “It would be very, very hard,” said Nixon. “That’s why I’m taking it slow and thinking about everything. I have until December to make up my mind because that’s when I’m signing.”

Nixon plans on making an official visit to Alabama after his season is complete. It will be interesting to see if Saban and Co. have what it takes to flip this diamond in the ruff.

You can watch Big Truck’s HUDL highlights here, as you close your eyes and imagine him wreaking havoc on opposing offenses wearing Crimson & White.