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In the hole! Auburn student wins car after full-court putt

In what is being described as possibly the best shot on the Auburn basketball court all season, an Auburn student sunk a 94-foot putt during a timeout in the second half of Saturday’s basketball game to win a new car. The distance is from baseline to baseline on the court.

Craig Noyes, the winner, had a very humble goal for the putt, he told the AP.

“Honestly, my main goal was just not to whiff or shank it into the bench,” he said.

Noyes broke a streak of failed attempts from other competitors that dates to 2014.

He described the atmosphere as he lined up for the putt.

“It was so loud when I stepped up to the ball,” Noyes said. “Once I hit it, I completely zoned out. I couldn’t hear anyone.”

The Auburn basketball team didn’t have his good fortune, though. The Tigers lost to rival No.3 Alabama, 77-69.

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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