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‘I’ll shoot down Biden’s Green New Deal’: Public Service Commissioner Jeremy Oden launches ad campaign

Jeremy Oden, incumbent Republican serving Place 1 of the Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC), announced the launch of an advertising campaign in his bid for reelection.

Oden’s campaign rolled out a 60-second radio ad and a 30-second video ad highlighting the candidate’s support for the Second Amendment and former President Donald Trump’s energy policies.

“Hi, y’all. I’m Jeremy Oden,” he says in the spot. “I’m a Christian conservative, pro-Trump Republican, and I’ll always fight to defend our God-given, Second Amendment rights and American energy independence. It’s time to put a stop to Joe Biden and the radical left. With your help, I’ll shoot down Biden’s Green New Deal and keep the left from tacking up our energy prices. Let’s make America strong again. I’m Jeremy Oden, Public Service Commission Place 1.”


In a statement announcing his ad campaign, Oden detailed his opposition to President Joe Biden’s “radical America Last energy agenda.”

“I was proud to fight Obama’s original Green New Deal agenda, I was proud to support President Trump’s policies of America First energy dominance, and I’m proud to be combatting Joe Biden’s radical America Last energy agenda right now,” stated Oden. “As your Alabama Public Service Commissioner, I will always shoot down the far-left’s attempts to put their socialist political whims over the interests of Alabama families, small businesses, and farmers.”

He concluded, “No one will work harder to defend our God-given rights, liberties, and values, and I’ll never do anything but shoot straight. Together, we’ll ensure hardworking Alabamians continue to have affordable, reliable energy for generations to come.”

Oden was an honorary Alabama chair of Trump’s 2020 bid for reelection. The PSC commissioner was appointed by the Trump administration in 2020 to serve on the National Coal Council.

The primary election will be held May 24, 2022.

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL