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‘I wanna be like Kanye’ — time to bust out The Chainsmokers’ 2014 anthem

Birds of a feather flock together, so President Donald Trump and Kanye West aren’t an unlikely pair. They deserve each other.

Arrogant … check.

Deplorable views on women … check.

Unafraid to thumb their chins at bashers … check.

I wouldn’t want my sons to be like either man, but I can give an appreciative nod to the good things President Trump has done in office, and I don’t know many Kanye songs, but I bet I’d like a few.

Here’s something I do admire about both: They don’t back down when the mob comes calling for their heads.

So here’s to independent thinking that disrupts identity politics.

Here’s to free speech even if it means losing followers.

And here’s a shout-out to one of my favorite bands, “The Chainsmokers” who wrote the 2014 anthem “Kanye”:

Disclaimer: As a mother and Christian, I don’t endorse or recommend all of The Chainsmokers’ music or the worldview behind these lyrics. Just sayin’!

Partial lyrics:

I have never wished and hoped
Didn’t need a telescope
To see where I am going
I have never been the one
Trying hard to hold my tongue
Is my stereo …

… I wanna be like Kanye
I’ll be the king of me always
Do what I want, I’ll have it my way
All day like Kanye-eah, yeah, yeah

Lyrics by Andrew Taggart / Skylar Stonestreet / Michael Del Rio

Need a Kanye palate cleanse?

Here’s a song from another of my favorite groups, “For King and Country” (I fully endorse everything they do), who are performing in Huntsville this Thursday night at the Von Braun Center with the ever-excellent band Skillet:

Rachel Blackmon Bryars is managing editor of Yellowhammer News

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