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Holiday cleanup, getting your house back in shape for the new year

Evidence of this holiday season’s “busyness” may be showing up in unwanted ways around the house. Imagine after making a list and checking it twice, a clean and fresh home awaits as you head into the new year.
What better motivation to tackle a few extra items on that list than the feeling of being clean, organized and ready to conquer 2023? Here are three simple ways that will have your house in tip-top shape after the holidays:

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Decorations and Gifts 
Why start a new year with something you know you don’t need or want? As the decorations come down and the unwrapped presents under the tree are put away – what can be trashed, recycled or donated? It may be time to part ways with that holiday decoration from three years ago that didn’t make it out again this year. That gift from your quirky cousin that is destined to sit in a cabinet for eternity? Go ahead and donate it to someone who will treasure its quirkiness.

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The piles that accumulate all year long are longing to be freed in 2023. Imagine how good it will feel to have a strong start to the new year. Find those favorite hiding spots you’ve stashed the “I’ll deal with it later” items that don’t yet have a home. The paperwork pile, junk drawer and that random storage bin in your garage are no match for the calming feeling of organization as January approaches.

The calendar isn’t the only thing that might need freshening up this new year. Late December is a great time to check off a few home maintenance items from your list. Replacing that old air filter, a deep clean of your refrigerator and freezer, hosing off the window screens and scrubbing down the kitchen hood vent – all projects that will have you healthier and happier as you ring in 2023.

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