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Historic Birmingham mine now part of Red Mountain Park attractions

The historic iron-ore mine Ishkooda No. 13 has been excavated and is part of Birmingham’s Red Mountain Park experience.

The mine dates back to 1873 and is now a great glimpse into the mining history that helped build the Magic City.

Jeff Newman, co-founder of Underground Birmingham and a local mining expert, said the reopening of No. 13 is an opportunity for Birmingham citizens and surrounding communities to understand the city’s industrial past.

Newman’s personal history with No. 13 dates back to 1969 when he discovered the mine for himself at age 16.

“It was wide open, and you could walk right in,” Newman said. At the time, the railroad gate and tracks were intact, so he drove his car directly into the mine’s entrance. “All I could think was, ‘Wow. This is really cool.’”

(Courtesy of Alabama NewsCenter)