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Hey you Lindsey Vonn haters: Y’all are acting awful

(NBC Sports/YouTube)

(Opinion) Last night my wife and I sat in our living room with our children, cheering Lindsey Vonn as she skied down the mountain in what’s probably her last Olympic Games, capturing the Bronze.

Talent. Tenacity. Dedication. Pride.

It’s times like Vonn’s run that makes my family, and Americans everywhere, love the Olympics.

But … a bunch of trolls tried to ruin everything by acting, well, trollish.

While my family was cheering and sharing a great moment in sports history, other Americans were lighting up Twitter with cruel comments about Vonn, wishing she’d lose and even ridiculing her third-place finish.

I won’t do their comments any favors by repeating them here (search Twitter or Google if you dare), but they were vicious, childish, and I’ll even say … un-American.

So why all the hate?

Vonn said some disparaging things about President Donald Trump earlier in the games.

So what?

Who cares what she says?

I only care about how well she performs and how many additions she adds to our nation’s medal count.

Sure, I’d rather our athletes avoid making political statements during the games, especially since they’re overseas. I’d actually rather them avoid making political statements altogether, here or there.

But come on, rooting against someone competing under our flag?

That crosses a line, brother.

I get it. People are sick of hearing these athletes sound off about politics.

I am, too.

But I’m also sick of hearing everyone else sound off about athletes sounding off about politics.

I can’t even watch an NFL game without feeling unease.

Now, the Olympics?

This has to stop.

Let’s take a lesson from Mike Pence. When one of the athletes criticized him, the vice president responded with class by wishing the young man well and saying that he’d be rooting for the athlete to bring home the gold.

Me, too.

So, the Trolls can continue being awful and ruining the Olympics for … themselves.

For my part, my family and I will be cheering for Vonn — and the United States of America — when she skis in her final race of the Olympics on Wednesday in the ladies combined event.

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