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Gus Malzahn dancing to ‘U Can’t Touch This’ wins the Internet

We all know Gus Malzahn’s signature “Boom!” celebration after a great play. Turns out, that isn’t the only sweet move in his arsenal. The head coach for the Auburn Tigers also has some explosive moves on the dance floor.

And there is a video to prove it.

The year was 1996. The place, Six Flags Over Dallas. Young Gus, a football coach for Shiloh Christian High School at the time, took on a dare from his dad, “Big Gus.”

Malzahn’s wife, Kristi, hadn’t seen the video in a long time, but remembers the day well.

“We watched them through a window along with everyone passing by,” she told The War Eagle Reader. “It was quite funny.”

In the video, complete with theme-park-caliber special effects, a family friend tickles the Casio ivories while Malzahn cuts a rug. He even does something resembling breakdancing at one point.

Kristi used to show the video to Gus’ high school senior players as a going-away gift. It was always a big hit, and it let the players see the lighter side of their coach.

Thanks to the Internet, now Auburn fans get the same chance.

“Gus is a lot of fun. He just hides it well,” Kristi says.

No more hiding it now, Gus.