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Guest: Alabamians are rejecting Biden’s radical, reckless policies

It’s fall, which means it’s college football season throughout the South. It’s no secret that SEC allegiances stir up intense emotions here in Alabama. But whether they cheer on the Tigers or Crimson Tide, there is one thing Alabamians can agree on: Joe Biden is a failed president.

It’s not only Alabamians. A recent Quinnipiac poll put Joe Biden’s approval rating at a meager 38%. Given all that’s happened the past nine months, you have to wonder who the 38% are.

Biden has created crisis after crisis with his radical policies and failed leadership. Nowhere have these failures been more evident than the security and humanitarian disaster raging at the southern border. From his first day, Biden went about undoing President Trump’s immigration policies one by one. Biden turned a secure border into a porous one, and the results have been heartbreaking.

Drug cartels are capitalizing on the chaos. Human smugglers have left children alone and abandoned in the desert before thankfully being rescued by brave Border Patrol agents. Pictures of children camped out under a bridge in squalid conditions have become the defining image of this stunning display of failed presidential leadership. Biden’s open-borders agenda is the real root cause of this crisis. While Biden breaks his promise to visit the border, his border czar Kamala Harris has likewise been MIA.

Biden’s failures go well beyond the border. Americans are feeling the crunch of skyrocketing prices caused by Biden’s reckless spending. Households are paying an extra $175 each month thanks to the hidden tax of Biden’s inflationary policies. And despite inflation rising to levels not seen in decades, Biden still wants to spend trillions more and raise your taxes to pay for it.

Biden hasn’t only let Americans down here at home – he’s also failed on the world stage. Biden likes to fashion himself a foreign policy expert. His allies say foreign policy is his “first love.” They should try telling that to Americans still trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan because of Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

In addition to surrendering to our enemies, Biden has made serious, avoidable blunders with our friends. The White House had to do damage control recently after Biden managed to offend our oldest ally by sidelining France from a nuclear submarine deal with Australia and Britain. So much for “bringing back diplomacy.”

What has Alabamians – and all Americans – most irate are the arrogant beliefs that drive this administration’s policies. Biden believes the government knows what’s best for you and your family better than you do.

We saw Biden’s power-hungry agenda rear its ugly head with his order that would force vaccinations on more than 100 million Americans, hurting small businesses and American workers in the process. Thankfully, under Governor Kay Ivey, Alabama has vowed to take the Biden administration to court over this unconstitutional, unprecedented act of federal overreach. Alabama won’t be alone. The Republican National Committee will also be suing the Biden administration the minute they try to put this authoritarian decree into effect.

Whether it’s forced vaccinations or cutting parents out of decisions affecting their kids’ education, Biden and Democrats simply can’t resist trying to control every aspect of your lives. It’s gotten so bad that Biden’s attorney general is dispatching the FBI to bully and silence parents who aren’t comfortable with far-left ideas like Critical Race Theory.

Instead of celebrating government coercion, Biden should refresh himself on our Constitution. The Constitution’s preamble doesn’t read “We the Politicians” – it says “We the People.” I know We the American People are ready to give Biden a stunning rebuke at the ballot box in next November’s midterms. Americans are going to reject Biden and Democrats’ radical policies and return Republican control of Congress.

Tommy Hicks Jr. is the co-chair of the Republican National Committee

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