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Gerrick Wilkins: Reviving America’s economy from a business leader’s perspective

As an Alabama business leader and a proud American, I’ve seen firsthand the power of innovation and hard work in driving success. It’s from this vantage point of real-world experience that I over a fresh approach to rejuvenating our nation’s economy. Picture our economy as a classic car, a symbol of American prowess.

Lately, it’s been more in the garage than on the road. Inflation is like a misfiring engine, tax burdens are like dragging brakes, and an oversized bureaucracy is like unnecessary weight bogging the vehicle down. As someone who has spent years fine-tuning engines and streamlining processes in the automotive industry, I know that our economy, much like a classic car, needs a skilled hand to get it running at peak performance again.

My plan starts with tackling inflation, the most immediate threat to our economic stability.

We need to apply the brakes on government spending that fuels inflation. This is not a call for rigidity but a strategic recalibration, much like fine-tuning a carburetor to get the right fuel-air mix for optimal engine performance.

On taxes, I advocate for a policy that empowers consumers and businesses alike. It is past time to make the Trump-era tax cuts permanent. This will let us keep our economic engine running smoothly without unnecessary hindrances. It’s not about letting the car run wild; it’s about providing it with the right conditions to perform efficiently. Americans understand the best ways to manage their money, and reducing the tax burden is essential to enable them to do so.

The third part of my plan involves cutting down on federal bureaucracy. Over the years, I’ve learned that adding more components to an engine doesn’t necessarily improve its performance.

Sometimes, it’s the streamlined, simpler systems that work best. That’s the approach I propose for our federal government – more agile, more efficient, and better suited to serve the American people.

In Alabama, we understand the value of hard work, the importance of precision, and the need for deficiency. These are values that should guide our nation’s economic policy.

Some might be skeptical about a business leader’s ability to run a country, but let’s take President Donald Trump as an example. His tenure showcased how a lifetime in business can provide unique insights into economic management and performance. Business leaders, exemplified by Trump, are innately problem solvers. We approach challenges not as barriers, but as opportunities to innovate and drive growth.

This mindset, honed in the competitive world of business, is invaluable in steering a nation towards prosperity. This is not just about experience but fresh ideas and practical solutions. We need business leaders, not career politicians, to jump-start our economy and put the brakes on inflation.

It is like President Ronald Reagan said, “Professional politicians like to talk about the value of experience in government. Nuts! The only experience you gain in politics is how to be political.”

As we stand at this crucial juncture, the choice is clear.

We can continue down the same road, hoping that career politicians will somehow find a solution, or we can take a new turn, choosing leaders with proven experience in driving growth and success.

I am ready to take the wheel and steer our nation’s economy back on track. It’s time for a leader who understands the mechanics of success, a leader who can revitalize the American dream. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Gerrick Wilkins is a Republican candidate for Alabama’s 6th Congressional District.

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