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Fallon nicknames AU’s Robinson ‘The ObamaCare Website’ because ‘he doesn’t let anyone through’

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon entertained his audience on Wednesday night with a segment called “Meet the Players — NFL draft edition.”

Fallon brought out a handful of the top college players in the country and introduced them to the crowd one by one.

“We’ve actually got some of the top college players in the draft with us here tonight,” Fallon said. “These guys are the future stars of the NFL.”

After Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins was introduced by Fallon as “being so good he could even catch a pass from Tim Tebow,” it was Auburn University offensive lineman Greg Robinson’s turn on the stage.

“Greg Robinson, offensive tackle, Auburn,” Robinson said, introducing himself.

“Greg doesn’t let anyone get through,” Fallon explained, “which has earned him the nickname ‘The ObamaCare Website.'”

Robinson laughed as he exited the stage to cheers.

Alabama linebacker CJ Mosley also go a turn in front of the camera.

“CJ is the only dude so intimidating that he is allowed to talk about Fight Club,” Fallon said.

Draft Projections show Robinson going as high as #2 in the upcoming NFL draft, with Mosley undoubtedly going in the first round as well.

Check out the video above to see them both on The Tonight Show.

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