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Employer-provided healthcare coverage in Alabama offers undeniable benefits

Logan Z. Glass is an insurance agent and Young Republican leader in St. Clair County.

As Alabama families continue to navigate uncertain economic times, and tighten their budgets accordingly, access to quality health care has become increasingly important. As someone who has spent significant time working with employers to offer the coverage options that make the most sense for them, I can personally confirm the value that both employees and employers receive when offering quality coverage. And today, that’s crucial. 

Employer-provided coverage consistently stands out as a cornerstone for many companies. Being an evergreen tool for success that can allow businesses to attract and foster talent, and of course – perhaps most importantly – meet the needs of employees and their families. 

Americans have more choice and control over their coverage than any other country in the world. Businesses and individuals benefit from a competitive market that offers a variety of choices and customizable offerings. Employer-provided coverage facilitates high-quality care for an affordable cost.

Both big and small enterprises offer health insurance benefits as a commitment to their employees’ well-being and financial protection, aiming to boost productivity. In a fiercely contested job market, providing comprehensive, cost-effective, and forward-thinking health coverage becomes a cornerstone of many firms’ strategies to attract and retain top talent. 

In today’s economy, maintaining competitiveness and promoting good health is a shared concern for businesses and workers alike. 

Employer-provided healthcare coverage emerges as a solution, benefiting both parties. From the perspective of businesses, this kind of insurance is a financial boon. It helps net a staggering $1.5 trillion to employees and employers, proving valuable to a business and its workforce. This is reflected in how it enhances healthcare costs, bringing about better deals from hospitals and clinics. The financial metrics underscore its efficacy: big companies, especially those with 100 or more employees, saw an estimated return of about 47% on their investment in 2022, which is projected to rise to 52% by 2026.

This mutual advantage extends to individuals as well. Those with job-based health insurance often make the most of its varied benefits. With options like telehealth and prescription delivery services at their fingertips, they can better manage their health, translating to higher productivity and fewer sick days. 

And the allure of a sound insurance policy doesn’t stop there. When hunting for jobs or deciding whether to stick around, employees weigh in their benefits heavily. Research shows that almost 70% of them regard a good health plan as a make-or-break factor in accepting a job offer. 

I love my community and strongly advocate for the continued success of our business sector here in Alabama. In my personal and professional life, I do the most to ensure that our state continues fostering fertile soil to grow our economy. That is why, through my experience working in the insurance space, I continue to recommend the businesses I work with to have employer-provided coverage as part of their benefits packages. Not only is it good for them and their employees but it ensures that our local business sector flourishes. 

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