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Elon Musk affirms Alabama Secretary of State for uncovering Biden’s scheme to register illegals to vote

Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen is being praised on social media for exposing how a national program is being used by the Biden administration to help illegal immigrants register to vote.

According to an investigation done by the Secretary of State’s office, some illegal immigrants were given voter registration forms after being in contact with certain state agencies. Allen believes the Biden administration is using the National Voter Registration Act to send out these registration forms.

“And that means that any legal non citizen or illegal alien if they tried to get benefits from state Medicaid or EHR are receiving these voter registration forms,” Allen said about the issue earlier this year. “And you couple that with a Biden executive order that was signed in March of 2021 that mobilizes the entire federal apparatus, all the federal agencies, to becoming voter registration agencies, basically as an arm extension of the Democratic Party. You’re getting into some things that are appalling and we are using every legal tool that we have in the Secretary of State’s office to combat this and to make sure that we are operating under the Constitution and under our state laws.”

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Libs of TikTok posted about Allen’s investigation Monday.

“Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen exposed the Biden admin for helping illegals register to vote,” Libs of TikTok said on X. “Allen claimed the administration is using the National Voter Registration Act to require that non-citizens who come in contact with certain state agencies be given voter registration forms. It should shock no one that Biden came out against the SAVE Act. This was their plan all along!”

Republican members of Congress are pushing the SAVE Act this week in an effort to stop illegals from potentially being able to vote.

The Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act requires proof of citizenship to vote in federal elections.

The White House has already come out in opposition of the legislation saying, “This bill would do nothing to safeguard our elections, but it would make it much harder for all eligible Americans to register to vote and increase the risk that eligible voters are purged from voter rolls.”

X owner Elon Musk responded to the post as well, showing his support for Alabama’s Secretary of State.

Musk has become a major proponent of voting in person with paper ballots because he believes mail-in ballots and voting machines are at too great of a risk for fraud.

Yaffee is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts “The Yaffee Program” weekdays 9-11 a.m. on WVNN. You can follow him on X @Yaffee

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