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Elevating Young Voices: A rising star for Young Republicans

One of my favorite aspects of getting to write these stories is the opportunity I have to meet young people around this state. 

Some of these people remain acquaintances and familiar faces, and some of the relationships I’ve cultivated have turned into close friendships. 

Jared is one of those people I’ve developed a close friendship with during my time at Young Republicans Federation of Alabama. 

Jared is from Smiths Station and grew up there with his parents and little sister.

One of the things that sticks out about Jared is that he is a very driven individual, and that’s something I respect greatly.

Unfortunately, my generation and the generation below us are plagued by a lack of direction and personal ambition.

Many don’t know what they want to do with their lives, many have never even thought about their futures, and in many cases, the ones that have thought about their future don’t realize they’re capable of much more than they give themselves credit for.

Jared is different. Politics is something that he became involved in at a young age but as a student at the University of South Alabama is where he found his calling.

Jared said, “While I was attending college, we had a speaker that stopped by to talk to the College Republicans. She spoke to us about the importance of young people getting involved in politics. That spoke to me and sparked something in me. I knew that was my calling.”

Obviously, not everyone wants to be involved in politics, and that’s perfectly OK.

Politics is something that I speak about in these pieces, but not everybody is like me, and that’s great.

It was during his college years that Jared found his place within the Republican Party. When he joined the College Republicans as a freshman at the University of South Alabama, Jared quickly established himself as a committed member. 

His dedication and leadership qualities earned him the positions of vice chair and eventually chairman of the university’s College Republicans.

Jared said, “I decided to run for chair of the College Republicans at South because there were some controversial issues going on at the university at that time and I believed I was the best and strongest person to lead the group through those.”

I think we can all learn from Jared’s convictions. That “here I am, send me” mentality is such an important thing not only to our communities, but our country as well.

Jared went on to say, “I felt that the CRs (College Republicans) needed someone who wasn’t going to be afraid to step on toes and take the heat from professors and other students because we had to stand up for what was right and the conservative values we believed in”..”

When I asked Jared what were some of the actions he took as the chairman of the USACRs, he said, “I sent out press releases condemning actions that the university or professors made, I met with USA Leadership to discuss and find ways to eliminate the obvious bias towards conservatives on campus, and when Dr. (Tony) Waldrop retired as president of the university, I urged the Board of Trustees to hire someone that was more moderate or conservative and worked with outside donors and members of the board to make that happen. 

“I’m proud that now the bias toward conservatives and Republicans on South’s campus has been essentially eradicated and the president of the university is now a former Republican congressman and former Chief of Staff to Governor (Kay) Ivey, in Jo Bonner.”

From his involvement in the Republican Party to his significant roles in various campaigns and organizations, Jared has become a rising star in Alabama’s political landscape. 

His focus is on grassroots efforts and the empowerment of Young Republicans, and he aims to shape the future of conservative politics in the state.

While serving in the College Republican Federation of Alabama, Jared demonstrated his financial acumen as the treasurer, further solidifying his reputation as a capable and versatile young leader. 

These formative experiences helped shape his understanding of the party’s inner workings and fueled his drive to make a lasting impact on Republican politics.

Building on his success in the College Republicans, Jared’s trajectory in politics continued to soar as he transitioned to the Young Republicans.

 Recognizing his potential, the YRFA chairman at the time appointed Jared as executive director, a role in which he excelled.

Jared had this to say about the YRFA, “I joined the Young Republicans while I was still a College Republican. Shortly after joining, I formed good working relationships with then Chairman Dalton Dismukes and the senior vice chair.”

In August 2022, Jared’s exceptional leadership skills were once again acknowledged when he was appointed as the senior vice chair of the Young Republicans Federation of Alabama. 

“When the senior vice chair position became vacant, Chairman Dismukes appointed me to serve as the senior vice chair,” Jared said. “I decided to run for senior vice chairman at the YRFA Convention in May because I believe in the work the Young Republicans do to recruit, train, and elect Republicans up and down the ballot. 

“I want to see the Young Republicans become a stronger force across Alabama, I want every county to have a Young Republican Club and I want to see Young Republicans being elected up and down the ballot, from county executive committee to U.S. senator.”

Jared’s involvement in political campaigns has provided him with invaluable hands-on experience. 

Starting as a freshman, he interned on Gov. Kay Ivey’s inaugural campaign, gaining firsthand insights into the intricacies of running a successful political operation. 

In 2020, he played an integral role in Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s campaign, working out of the Mobile Field Office and witnessing the power of grassroots mobilization.

“It was a valuable experience. I really got to see firsthand the important role young people play in the political process,” Jared said.

His dedication to Republican campaigns continued in 2022 when he assumed the position of Mobile field director for Ivey’s reelection campaign.

 Through these experiences, Jared witnessed firsthand the impact of young Republicans and their invaluable contribution to successful political endeavors. 

Motivated by these experiences, he now strives to inspire more young conservatives to engage in grassroots efforts in preparation for the upcoming 2024 elections.

Seeing Jared’s resolve to be an integral part of Alabama politics is a very welcome sight to see. 

There are a lot of young folks out there that think they have to be older before anybody pays attention to them.

And to be fair, that’s true for some people. I know, in my own life, I’ve experienced this firsthand. It’s hard for people that have been in this business for a long time to see someone like Jared and think that he may know something they don’t.

But for every person that doesn’t take someone younger seriously, there are three or four people that are thrilled and excited to see the generations beneath them taking an active role in their community.

I personally believe we have an obligation to take ownership in our communities whether that means politics or not.

The cliche’ goes, “You guys are the future of this country,” and that’s true.

However, if we don’t take an active role in bettering our communities, states, and country now, why would we deserve it in the future?

“Elevating Young Voices” is a series that provides a platform for the next generation of leaders to share their perspectives on issues in America today. Each individual represents the new face of what it means to be pro-Alabama.

Nate Butler is a contributing writer for Yellowhammer News. You can find him on Twitter @realnatebutler or on Instagram @_nate_butler

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