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Earn while you learn: Community colleges host apprenticeship programs

For those wanting a career change or, even, to start a career – and get paid while learning, Alabama’s community colleges provide the solution.

Every community or technical college has at least one apprenticeship registered through the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship and supported by the state’s business and industry.

“Apprenticeships offer an excellent opportunity to learn a valuable skill while also getting paid to do so, which opens countless doors for those that simply cannot afford to go without a paycheck,” Gov. Kay Ivey said. “I applaud the Alabama Community College System for expanding work-based learning opportunities to each of its 24 campuses and preparing our workforce to meet the demands of tomorrow.”

A registered apprenticeship allows students to be paid by their employer while earning college credit toward a credential or degree. The students spend a portion of their week working hands-on with a company and the rest of the work week is spent learning in class or virtually. And, upon completion of the program, the student is employed full time.

“We are proud that the Alabama Community College System has invested so much into ensuring that the residents of this state have opportunities that go beyond residents just being able to say they have a credential,” said Josh Laney, director of the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship. “Their credentials and the opportunity for apprenticeship also give them the chance to say they have a job they can use to create a career.”

The registered apprenticeship program also helps participants graduate without debt. The employers will pay any remaining tuition fees after a student’s financial aid and scholarships have been awarded.

David Palmore is a contributing writer for Yellowhammer News

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