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Eagle Forum PAC endorses Paul Sanford in AL-5 GOP primary

Monday, Huntsville businessman Paul Sanford announced that his Republican campaign for Alabama’s open fifth congressional district seat had received the endorsement of Eagle Forum PAC.

In a release, the grassroots conservative group pointed to Sanford’s career as a small business owner and proclaimed that the candidate would work to “unwind the leftist agenda” as a member of Congress.

“As an owner of a small business, Paul Sanford has felt the constraints of an overreaching federal government, especially over the last two years. With that experience, he is ready to bring change to Washington, D.C.,” Eagle Forum PAC stated. “Paul is committed to defending our Constitutional freedoms, protecting American jobs, and being a voice for the vulnerable. As Republicans take back the majority, his dedication to conservative principles is much needed to unwind the leftist agenda that has dominated the House over the last few years.”

In announcing that he had received the endorsement, Sanford’s campaign took note of his legislative experience and conservative voting record as a former state senator.

Also pointing to Sanford’s service in the legislature’s upper chamber was Colleen Holcomb, president of Eagle Forum, who called him a “tried-and-true conservative.”

“Paul Sanford is a tried-and-true conservative who will be an effective voice for the people in his district,” declared Holcomb. “His record in the Alabama State Senate is indicative of his reliability. It is essential that we send him to Congress to preserve American values.”

According to Sanford, North Alabama voters are seeking “a sense of stability,” which he said was beneficial to his campaign due to his tenure as state senator.

“I am beyond grateful to receive the endorsement and support of such a dedicated and proven conservative group like Eagle Forum of Alabama,” stated Sanford. “I believe my proven and consistent record of fighting for North Alabama as a State Senator is being recognized by voters and provides a sense of stability and trust that a lot of people are seeking right now.”

He added, “In today’s political climate, voters are looking for someone they can count on and trust; someone who will be honest and stick to the promises they make,” said Sanford. “I truly believe that I am that candidate with a background of proven integrity and history of fighting for conservative policies.”

Sanford touched on his role in assisting with the conviction of lobbyist Jarrod Massey, who was sentenced to prison in 2012 over bribing lawmakers with campaign contributions in exchange for supporting gambling legislation favorable to his client during the 2009-2010 regular session.

“Before I was even sworn in as a State Senator, I received a call where a corrupt lobbyist offered me $250,000.00 if I were to vote a certain way,” noted the former lawmaker. “That guy was sent to prison and I was proud to testify against him and tell Alabama the truth about corruption and greed in government. Today, that same corruption and greed is running rampant in D.C. and we need someone like myself who won’t back down from a fight or tough situation.”

Eagle Forum PAC’s support of Sanford’s campaign comes in addition to the Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Association endorsing his candidacy last month.

The primary election is scheduled to take place on May 24, 2022. If no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, a runoff election will be held on June 21, 2022.

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL