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Democratic candidate Marilyn Lands makes final push on progressive issues, GOP’s Teddy Powell keeps focus local

Voters in House District 10 in Madison County go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for their next State Representative. The special election pits Democratic nominee Marilyn Lands against Republican Teddy Powell.

Marilyn Lands has made national headlines for her hard progressive stances on social issues in bright red Alabama. Lands has taken staunchly pro-abortion and anti-gun positions and is campaigning as an openly social liberal candidate.

Former U.S. Senator Doug Jones (D-Birmingham) has been on the ground in the district campaigning for Lands.

“I’m here for her,” Jones said. “This is a big race. This community has an opportunity to send someone to the state legislature who cares about the entire community.”

“I believe it’ll send a strong message across the state and the country that Alabama is ready to move in a new, positive direction,” Jones said.

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Lands has expressed her opposition to the Alabama voters’ decision to declare that life begins at conception in a recent amendment to the state conception.

“It just seems wrong that we have taken a giant leap backwards there,” Lands said. “Alabama’s no exceptions abortion ban is putting lives at risk. We must repeal this legislation, and if I’m elected on March 26th, I’ll work tirelessly to do just that.”

That stance has earned Lands the endorsement of Planned Parenthood Southeast and the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.

“Parenthood’s endorsement of our campaign highlights the stark contrast in this race,” Lands said. “With your help and support, I’ll be a champion for reproductive healthcare in Montgomery.”

Her staunch anti-guns stand has earned her the endorsement of anti-second amendment rights group Every Town for Gun Safety.

Lands lost in 2022 to David Cole, 51.6 to 45% with Libertarian Elijah Boyd drawing 3.4%. However, Lands thinks this time is different.

“I think this being a special election will be very different,” Lands said. “Democrats tend to fare better in specials. And we’ve got some momentum with having run a campaign and I feel like we can turn our people back out this time.”

Cole beat Lands even though it was widely reported that Cole did not live in the district as it was redrawn following the 2020 census and voters voted for him over Lands anyway.

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Where Cole was a first-time candidate from outside the district, Teddy Powell is a known commodity in district 10, having served two terms on the Madison City Council solving problems and serving the people of the district.

Powell also served on the Finance Subcommittee, Zoning Board of Appeals, Industrial Development Board and the Historic Review Board. He has been a former employee of the City of Madison and has started and owned several small businesses.

“I will work hard for you like I have the last seven years,” Powell says. “I am ready to go to work solving real problem like: Getting inflation under control, keeping our economy going, and getting our kids the best education.”

Powell underscored that his priorities include maintaining one of the top school systems in the state, strategic economic development, continued infrastructure development, preservation and revitalization, and business expansion.

HD10 contains portions of the City of Madison and the City of Huntsville. All of the district sits within a booming Madison County.

Polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. Voters must remember to bring a valid photo ID with them to the polls.

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