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Dem. Rep. Rogers: Donald Trump, Jr. ‘evidently retarded or crazy’ — ‘His mother should have aborted him’

State Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham) has further responded to Donald Trump, Jr.’s criticism of his viral abortion remarks, lashing out at the president’s son in callous fashion and digging himself a further political hole.

In an interview with WVTM 13 on Thursday afternoon, Rogers said it was “an honor” that his Tuesday remarks drew a response from Trump, Jr. on Wednesday.

“Thank God, right on,” Rogers said while chuckling. “That lets me know I’m right, ’cause I don’t know nothing he’s been right on since he been here.”

He continued, “That proves I’m right to make a scene about abortion, him being born — that’s proof right there. That’s a very, very good defense I have for abortion right there — him. Look at him. His mother should have aborted him [before] he was born… He wouldn’t have made that stupid statement, right?”

Rogers then alleged Trump, Jr. is “evidently retarded or crazy.”

“Donald Trump’s son, hey, I knew there was something wrong with that boy,” he added.


Sean Ross is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn

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