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Daniels discusses childcare tax credits, industry’s role at BCA gathering

House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels is attempting to solve a growing issue within the state that is affecting some of Alabama’s poorest residents.

At a Business Council of Alabama gathering Tuesday, Daniels discussed a way forward regarding childcare tax credits and to incentivize industry to get involved in the process.

“I’ll be dropping the childcare bill this week, potentially today, if we get the signatures that I did from a lot of members that were excited and interested in this piece of legislation that I worked with them,” said Daniels. “And so the childcare tax credit provides a number of options for industry as well as families.”

Daniels elaborated on what the child care tax credit portion of his bill offers industry.

“What it provides to industry is a tax credit for industry even down to the construction cost,” Daniels said. “So if industry wanted to build a childcare facility on site, there are some credits in there — in this piece of legislation — that gives them an opportunity to take advantage of those credits even on the actual construction site.”

He did note that lawmakers crafting the legislation expect industries to contribute to their communities.

“… we are expecting those industries in order to drive more work force participation, especially among women who are, in many instances, are the ones that are spending time at home with their children because of the lack of access and affordability of childcare — many mothers across the state of Alabama and across the country are breaking even,” he said.

Daniels also said child care is not a viable option for many Alabamians.

“And so, you’re going to choose from breaking even or staying at home with your child,” Daniels said. “You’re likely, from a family standpoint, to stay at home with your child until they’re school age.”

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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