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Dale Strong: A change in Washington is needed

There has always been a disconnect between Washington D.C. and working-class Americans, but under the Biden administration, that divide is deepening. Every week, it becomes more apparent: Congressional Democrats do not have Americans’ best interests in mind. Their reckless policies have brought the roaring economy we saw under the Trump administration to a screeching halt.

Last month, American consumers saw prices rise at the fastest pace in 40 years, increasing 7% from just a year ago. Republicans warned this would happen, yet their warnings of rising inflation over the past year have been brushed off by Democrats in Washington and their allies in the media. The Biden administration continues to promote the lie that things are getting better, yet Americans’ wallets say otherwise.

Even Larry Summers, former secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton and National Economic Council director under President Obama, recently admitted, “We have the challenge of dis-inflating an inflating economy. History suggests that is not usually achieved without a recession, or close to a recession.” If we don’t change course, we may very well be looking at a recession this year.

Democrats have continued to advocate for more wasteful spending, driving up costs of everything from cars to groceries and gas and disincentivizing employees from returning to work. Our economy is suffering from a labor shortage crisis caused by excessive government stimulus payments and weekly federal unemployment aid. The stimulus payments given out at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic were only intended to be temporary, yet Democrats continued to send them out until September of last year and now are talking about even more for Omicron.

As if that wasn’t damaging enough, many employees who have admirably chosen to continue working have been caught in the red tape of President Biden’s vaccine mandates for federal workers and private businesses with more than 100 employees. Employers and employees alike have voiced their concerns about the disruptions that would result from a vaccine mandate, but these warnings have been ignored by Democrats in Washington. This past week the Supreme Court correctly ruled that these mandates for most federal employees and big businesses were unconstitutional. The Biden administration not only doesn’t know what is good for business but what they can legally require of them regarding health mandates.

I’m running for Congress because we can’t afford more years like the last one, and we must change course before it’s too late. We must encourage people to get back to work and promote policies that will bring back the growing economy we had just 18 months ago. This November, we will help send a message to President Biden and Nancy Pelosi that their policies aren’t working. It’s time to get our economy roaring again.

Dale Strong is chairman of the Madison County Commission and a Republican candidate for Congress to represent Alabama’s fifth congressional district.

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