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Cygnal Alabama U.S. Senate poll: Britt up over Brooks by 2 points

For the second consecutive day, polling data is showing a tightening race for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination that could lead to a potential head-to-head match-up between U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) and former Business Council of Alabama head Katie Britt.

A day earlier, an internal poll released by the Britt campaign showed Britt with a slim lead over Brooks.

Those results are backed up according to a new survey conducted by Cygnal, the results of which were obtained by Yellowhammer News on Wednesday.

The survey is of likely Republican primary voters November 3-4 with a sample size of 650 and a margin of error of +/-3.84%.

It compares previous polling taken prior to an ad campaign conducted by the pro-Britt Alabama Conservatives Fund.

“Cygnal conducted a survey on October 21-22 prior to the advertising campaign of the Alabama Conservatives Fund (ACF),” the polling memo states. “At that time, Mo Brooks led Katie Britt by a 26-14% margin in the race for U.S. Senate. Following ACF advertising, a second survey was conducted on November 4-5.”

The latest survey shows Britt with a slight lead over Brooks.

  • Katie Britt 24%
  • Mo Brooks 22%
  • Mike Durant 9%
  • Jessica Taylor 1%
  • Lynda Blanchard 1%
  • Someone else 4%

The poll memo from Cygnal argues that as voters have become more familiar with Britt, they gravitate to her candidacy. It also claims Britt is out front overall in the coveted Birmingham media market.

The release states, “Once Republican primary voters learned more about Katie Britt, she marched to the lead in the race for United States Senate. After trailing Congressman Mo Brooks by 12% on October 21-22, Britt has pulled ahead 24-22% in the survey conducted November 3-4. In addition to leading statewide, Britt now leads in the Birmingham DMA—the largest media market in the state— and in the Montgomery and Mobile media market regions. This indicates that while early polls have shown a lead for Brooks, that lead was built on a lack of competition. Once the voters learned who Katie Britt was and what she stood for, the dynamic of the race has fundamentally changed.”

Dalton Dismukes, executive director of Alabama Conservatives Fund, touted the role of his organization’s advertising efforts as having made a difference in the race.

“Our advertising campaign is working,” Dismukes said in a statement to Yellowhammer News. “It is very clear that Mo Brooks’ lead in early polls was built on the fact that voters didn’t know about Katie Britt or what she stands for. Once they learn that she takes the lead even among men.”

See polling memo below:

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