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China fueling disinformation campaigns to prevent regulating illegal vapes

The Chinese Communist Party’s influence is making unexpected inroads in Alabama, particularly through the proliferation of illegal vape products that target unsuspecting consumers, including minors.

These products, mainly originating from China, generate profits that are then funneled into lobbying efforts against regulatory measures.

Recent polling data, obtained by Yellowhammer News, reveals a significant public desire to clamp down on the illegal vape market in Alabama. A majority of voters, 55%, were unaware of the widespread availability of illicit disposable vape products in the state, most of which hail from China.

But the CCP’s involvement doesn’t stop at flooding our markets with these goods. They’re actively financing campaigns to thwart legislation aimed at regulating the vape industry.

Evidence suggests that leading lobbying groups, acting on behalf of Chinese vape manufacturers, are fueling disinformation campaigns to derail bills like HB65 in Alabama.
HB65 seeks to safeguard consumers against unregulated and unsafe products, especially those targeting children through appealing packaging and flavors.
Following the money trail unveils a disturbing pattern: illegal vape sales fund lobbying efforts to promote further sales of these CCP-backed disposable devices.
One individual in the midst of this controversy is Matthew Jonathan “Jon” Glauser, who has been associated with Chinese vaping manufacturers for nearly a decade and is currently facing RICO charges.

In a federal complaint filed by the City of New York, one of Glauser’s companies is described as a “middleman” and “master distributor” for these Chinese-based manufacturers.

The case of Elf Bar, the top vape choice among middle and high school students, exemplifies this alarming trend. Despite being banned in the U.S. since December, Elf Bar products continue to circulate among minors, with profits from these sales actively impeding legislative efforts to curb the influx of similar Chinese products into Alabama.

In another court deposition, Glauser told a federal judge that his company sold more than $132 million of the product within a year, saying, “we were selling it faster than we could get it in.”

Meanwhile, Elf Bar was dodging U.S. Customs to import the products from China and misleading the public about what these products were, all while admitting they knew they were getting into the hands of children.

As companies linked to Glauser intensify their efforts to combat legislation aimed at safeguarding public health and interests, Alabama finds itself at the center of the battle against CCP influence. Money from CCP-aligned entities is pouring into the state to oppose bills like HB65, which is slated for a committee vote in the coming weeks.

Yaffee is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts “The Yaffee Program” weekdays 9-11 a.m. on WVNN. You can follow him on Twitter @Yaffee

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