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Charles Barkley rips ‘ungrateful’ Bama fans, Auburn QB in interview

Charles Barkley is no stranger to hot takes.

The former Auburn great as well as current NBA on TNT host appeared on NextRoundLive and was asked about a litany of topics, but the answers he gave on both his alma mater as well as its biggest rival were the most eye-popping of the entire segment.

With a huge matchup for the Tigers coming up against Georgia this week, Barkley was asked whether or not he hates Georgia.

“Not really. I mean I hate Alabama, that’s a different animal. You can’t have that much hate in your heart, number one,” Barkley began.

He went on to clarify, however, that his hatred of Alabama lies more so with the fan base rather than Nick Saban and the program itself.

“I really don’t hate Alabama, I just hate their fans, they’re obnoxious. They lost two games last year and it was like oh, kill us now. That was the end of the world. Then after they lost to Texas it was like oh my god. You’ve got the greatest coach ever and they’re a bunch of ungrateful brats,” Barkley stated.

You can hear the full quote here:

Another topic that came up was the Auburn offensive issues and quarterback play.

In a joking reference to Freeze’s players being baptized, Barkley said to please pray for better quarterback play.

“If y’all are gonna be down there baptizing people, please pray for better quarterback play. Let’s get these three quarterbacks and baptize them and maybe they can play better,” Barkley joked.

He continued, “the one thing you can’t do as a coach, you can’t have your QB playing scared looking over his shoulder. You can’t play three quarterbacks, you can’t play two quarterbacks. The number one thing you need as a QB is confidence, and right now they’re in no mans land.”

You can hear the entire answer on the QB situation here:

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