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Central Alabama CC a pioneer in nursing education

Central Alabama Community College may not be the largest institution, but it believes in being the best.

As a testament to this commitment, CACC‘s nursing apprenticeship program stands out as the second-largest in the state, setting benchmarks in nursing education.

The program hit a significant milestone this when the inaugural class of student nurse apprentices graduated Aug. 1 from the Coosa Valley School of Nursing at CACC. From just 14 students in March 2022, the school now boasts some 50 apprentices each semester.

Established in collaboration with the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship and area healthcare facilities, the program serves 16 healthcare establishments within the CACC area.

“Central Alabama Community College is more than just an educational institution,” said President Jeff Lynn. “We are a community that shapes the future of healthcare, providing our students with unparalleled opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed.”

The apprentices are engaged in long-term and acute care environments, acquiring hands-on experience under the watchful eyes of trained mentors. The earn-while-you-learn model provides valuable mentorship and allows students to merge their work hours with the clinical hours essential for their nursing program.

“Our innovative approach transforms the traditional paradigm,” said Dr. Jennifer Steele, director of Nursing. “It allows our nursing students, who might typically juggle multiple part-time roles, to focus on one well-paying job, seamlessly integrating their academic and professional journeys.”

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