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Cavanaugh on Biden vaccine mandate: ‘A desperate move to steal freedom from the American people’

Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC) President Twinkle Cavanaugh lit into President Joe Biden over his administration’s decision to mandate that the nation’s businesses require their employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cavanaugh gave a fiery speech at Tuesday’s meeting of the PSC, comparing Biden’s action with other restrictive measures his administration has placed on the country’s energy industry.

“It only took eight months,” she began. “In that short amount of time, the Biden administration has suppressed the freedom of the American people in ways previously unseen.”

Biden has saddled the oil and gas industries with impossible-to-meet regulations which have driven up the price of energy, according to Cavanaugh.

“Biden’s energy plan is built around short-term political victories for environmental lobbyists, and it has been nothing short of a disaster,” she explained.

The first-term president’s most recent mandate drew an especially high level of ire from Cavanaugh.

“Joe Biden’s quest to steal freedom from the American people and place our lives in the hands of big government took another dreadful turn last week,” she stated in reference to the most recent vaccination requirements on businesses.

Businesses which do not comply could face up to $14,000 in fines per violation.

It is estimated that Biden’s vaccine mandate could affect 100 million Americans, a fact which does not sit well with Cavanaugh.

“His federal vaccine mandate is a tyrannical, economy-killing decree of the type usually reserved for dictators in places like Russia or China,” she remarked. “It is a desperate move to steal freedom from the American people by an administration which has become a total failure during its eight months in office.”

She then outlined her belief that his mandate to workers and employers is connected to other notable failings of the Biden agenda.

“Energy policy, the unbelievable tragedy of leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan, rising inflation, tax hikes, out-of-control spending, Joe Biden is making a mess of everything he touches while he ignores America’s vast potential,” stated Cavanaugh. “Biden is desperate for any short-term political win so that he can distract from his long list of failures. His weakness and his inability to lead are coming at the expense of hard-working Alabamians and job creators across our state.”

Cavanaugh closed her comments by resolving to continue doing her part for people in Alabama.

“Alabamians are the brightest, most freedom-loving people in the world,” she offered. “We know what is best for our families and our state. Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue. It shows in the lack of trust Americans now place in his presidency.”

Cavanaugh concluded, “I will not relent in my stand for freedom on behalf of those who elected me to serve, and I will not give an inch to Joe Biden and the liberal elite who have put him in office and put our country in a perilous position. It is more important than ever that we hold the line for freedom right here in Alabama.”

Tim Howe is an owner of Yellowhammer Multimedia

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