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Carl: Unleashing American energy is critical for national security

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – which is an act of pure evil – has further demonstrated how important it is for the United States to lead the world in producing and supplying energy to our allies instead of relying on bad actors like Russia to supply us and our allies with energy resources.

Many of our NATO allies and our friends in Europe are in a tough position with Russia because they depend heavily on Russia for coal, natural gas, and other basic resources they need. Germany, for example, gets 55% of its coal and 50% of its natural gas from Russia. In response, President Biden has promised to supply energy to our European allies so they can be less dependent on Russia.

When asked how the Biden admin plans to make good on its promise to supply this energy, the only response they have given is they plan to find additional supplies from the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. While I applaud President Biden for helping our European allies, it makes no sense for him to rely on other countries for increased energy supplies when we have the ability and resources to produce clean energy right here in America.

The United States has an abundance of natural gas, which produces minimal methane emissions and leaves a small carbon footprint. During the Trump administration, the United States actually cut emissions while producing more natural gas. The oil coming out of the Gulf of Mexico is also the least carbon intensive in the world. Despite this, President Biden has paused new oil and gas leases on federal lands and waters, stopped the Keystone XL pipeline, and increased the red tape involved in approving new natural gas pipelines.

President Biden and his liberal allies might think they are doing the right thing by shutting down American energy production, but the reality is the United States produces energy more cleanly and efficiently than any other nation on the planet. The administration’s decision to shut down American pipelines and stop American energy production has done nothing more than drive up energy costs while endangering our national security and strengthening our adversaries around the globe. We simply cannot allow this to continue.

President Trump worked hard to increase American energy production, and for the first time in years, American became energy independent instead of energy dependent during his time in office. Not only did this provide good-paying American jobs, but it also made America safer and more secure.

America has the resources and infrastructure to meet our supply needs and provide clean energy around the globe, so I’m urging President Biden to end his assault on American energy production. Let’s unleash our natural resources and finally put America first.

Jerry Carl represents Alabama’s First Congressional District. He lives in Mobile with his wife Tina.

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