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‘Business as usual’: Tuberville affirms support from military

During his months-long fight against the Biden administration’s influence on military policy, Sen. Tommy Tuberville says he’s picked up the support of veterans, service members, and perhaps quietly, top officials – in the stand he’s taking for the future of America’s military.

Tuberville (R-Auburn) insists he won’t budge until the Pentagon reverses its policy subsidizing abortions.

“I’ve talked to almost every general, every admiral, they’ve come through my office, they come to these hearings,” Tuberville told Alabama reporters Wednesday. “I ask them, ‘Hey, is everything fine? Can we take care of business?’ 

“And pretty much they all say: ‘Business as usual. We understand what you need to do as a senator, and we’ll take care of our business.’ 

“And that makes you feel good.”

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His core argument centers on what Tuberville considers an overreaching executive branch – permanently reshaping the Armed Forces from preparing troops to fight, win and get home safely to compliance with a “politicized” agenda. 

“I just got a letter that had 5,000 names on it from veterans of our country that was 100% behind this,” Tuberville said, citing a letter from the Heritage Foundation on behalf of active and former service members in support. 

“While some claim that Sen. Tuberville’s position is negatively impacting military readiness, the Department of Defense has failed to present any evidence that substantiates this claim,” the letter reads. “To the contrary, it appears true that the politicized agenda of Secretary Austin and the Biden administration are significantly diminishing military readiness.”


On Wednesday, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) laid out a timeline of events that brought the Senate to its current uncharted juncture. 

“Dems are mad because federal law prohibits the use of (Department of Defense) funds for abortion. DoD came up with a novel trick to circumvent that law,” Lee said. “(Sen. Tuberville) heard about the plan and warned DoD not to carry it out, telling Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in clear terms what would happen if DoD did so — Tuberville wouldn’t agree to expedite Senate consideration of DoD nominees.”

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“DoD carried out the plan anyway, and Dems are now furious with Tuberville for doing exactly what he said he’d do if DOD ignored his warning.”

Tuberville has stated it’s his right as a senator to place such holds to draw attention to issues.

“They want to control everything, and they’re going to ruin everything they touch,” Tuberville told reporters. “They’re ruining our military right now because our recruiting is way behind, and the Army, Air Force and Navy. For the first time ever, last year, we were short 15,000 Army. This year is gonna be worse. 

“And that’s a prime example of what politics will do from the White House and Pentagon. They have politicized it, and if they don’t get out of the way, they’re gonna absolutely ruin our military.”

Grayson Everett is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @Grayson270

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